A great new book of magic tricks just for grandparents by magician Peter Sosna. This book is loaded with astounding magic tricks that are easy to perform. Your grandchildren will be amazed and delighted with your newfound magical powers!

Peter Sosna has been a professional magician for over 20 years. For the past six years he has been teaching magic to both children and adults. Magic For Grandparents is the work of years of research to find tricks that are easy to do, yet very amazing to audiences. The book contains card tricks, dinner table magic, mind reading tricks, and more, all guarenteed to confound anyone you care to show them to. Your grandchildren probably won't bow down and worship you as a God...But then again, they just might!

Magic For Grandparents is fully illustrated to make learning the tricks easy and fun and it's printed with large type so it's easy to read. Order your copy today and your grandchildren will tell their grandchildren about their wonderful magical grandparent.

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